Drop-Ins Welcome at Resilience!

Whether you are in town for 24 hours or a week, you can use the premier facilities at Resilience. Drop-in pricing is $20/day. You will need to sign up for a RhinoFit account, purchase your daily membership, and sign the waiver.

RhinoFit Sign-Up Instructions

Below you will find instructions and screenshots of your sign-up process. Please select the link above and proceed to RhinoFit. 

After clicking “Purchase Your Daily Membership”, you will be taken to this page:

Click “Sign Up” and you will be directed here: 

Complete the registration as directed. Be sure to check your email for your confirmation. After registering, you will be directed here:

Click “Buy Now”, and you will have the opportunity to enter your payment info. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with your daily pass and access code. If you ever need to change your payment information, follow these instructions: https://resilienceparkcity.com/faq/#5081074a8a859ced3

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